Juniata College

Juniata College & The Comfort Inn Huntingdon, PA

Upon arriving in the lobby of the Comfort Inn hotel in Huntingdon, PA, guests observe the flag of a local college before reaching the front desk. And sometimes, their curiosity will lead them to ask "where is Juan-ita College?" As a resident of central PA and a student at this small college of about 1,700 students, my response is always "it's pronounced “June-nee-at-ah,” now let me tell you about my school". Even though the name can be mistaken, the College's reputation as a rigorous, exceptional institution for higher learning is never mistaken.

Juniata College is a small liberal arts college located about two miles away from the Comfort Inn. Students of Juniata's liberal arts education not only take classes in their field of interest, but all students must complete at least two classes in each of the following disciplines: fine arts, international studies, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. As a result of this multifaceted learning environment, Juniata is a bit different compared to most universities. While most institutions of higher learning have "majors," here at JC we have what is called a " program of emphasis" (or P.O.E. for short). So you could graduate with a degree in Biology and Theatre Arts, Accounting and Philosophy, or Literature and Chinese. What makes this even better is the fact that 95% of Juniata students will graduate in 4 years or less, an impressive statistic in the field of higher education.

Considering Juniata is a bit different than other schools, it only seems logical that we have different traditions. With names like Mountain Day, Lobsterfest, and Pig Roast that are in the language of every Juniata student, our traditions certainly make us unique. In addition to these unrivaled events, we have some awesome features to our campus, including an arts museum, an observatory, a ceramics studio, and even a peace chapel! The Elizabeth Evans Baker Peace Chapel is an environmental landscape site designed by Maya Lin, who is famously known for her work creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

In addition to the rigorous academics offered at Juniata, students have the chance to study abroad in the following countries: The Gambia, Morocco, China, India, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Spain, the U.K., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Ecuador. This exhaustive list represents every continent in the world (minus Antarctica)! I was lucky to be able to study abroad for the fall 2014 semester in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

As if you did not have enough assurance of the one-of-a-kind reputation of Juniata, it has been frequently listed in the book Colleges That Change Lives, a prestigious list compiled by education expert and student advocate, Loren Pope. With the copious opportunities to grow as a student and individual at Juniata, people quickly see why JC is a life changing institution. All who enter campus immediate feel welcome and can feel the sense of community that binds the students, faculty, employees, and administration together as collective “Juniatians.”

So while you enjoy your comfortable stay here at the Comfort Inn in Huntingdon, PA, make sure you head up Moore Street to take a look for yourself and see how Juniata College can prove its worth to you.

Article written by Adena Delozier, a student at Juniata College